Shopping Changes During Covid-19

Shopping Changes During Covid-19

Shopping changes during Covid-19 – The effect on the economy and how businesses are adapting throughout the pandemic.

The Coronavius pandemic has had a huge impact on not only consumers but also businesses. It has had a dramatic effect on the way businesses are upping their game with their digital marketing strategy, and adapting it to the ever changing way consumers are shopping for goods and services. Many businesses have been struggling with the changes but it has never been so important to ensure businesses are visible online during these difficult times.

The past few months have meant businesses have taken huge leaps to the world of digital to claw back their business and reputation due to the lack of face to face interaction with new or existing customers. More and more businesses that would usually sell goods face to face have moved to selling products through a website or though buy/sell platforms.

Many individuals have been utilizing email to stay in touch and this has meant a growth in the amount of businesses who are utilising email marketing to stay in touch with their customers to maintain relationships while also providing information and promotions. Not only email, consumers have been proactively using the internet to do their daily shopping and gain information about what’s going on in the world. This has given businesses who have already lept on the wagon into the digital world as it has meant more exposure online.

So what can you do?

During these times a great source of seeing the success of a digital marketing campaign is to review data. Data allows businesses to see the insights of how customers shop to react and adapt accordingly to increase the productivity of the strategy.

Utilising customer engagement can help a business build the foundations of a great relationship through the personalisation of the customer journey. An example could be utilising offers or loyalty programmes for customers as well as asking for feedback. The thought of asking for feedback can be daunting as it has the potential to be negative, although feedback can help a business improve and grow!

Relevant content is also key to creating a personalised user experience based on their shopping habits. Brands can utilise impulse buying by creating tailored shopping experiences based on personal preference and interest. 

So what should you do now?

If your business has not yet leapt into the world of digital it is the time to do so due to the dramatic shopping changes during Covid-19! 

Digital Otter is a digital marketing business who can offer tailored digital marketing strategies,w website design, website build, SEO, PPC and social media marketing for your business. If you’re looking for further information please do not hesitate to ask!

Influencing Changes Within Marketing

Take A Look At The Influencing Changes Within Marketing In 2018!

The new year is upon us, so it’s time to reflect on the incredible year within the digital marketing industry that we’ve had!

Here at Digital Otter we have combined the most influencing changes within marketing and we are excited for you to join us through a timeline of reflection for 2018.

So first of all we would like to wish you a very happy new year, full of exciting opportunities for your current or new business ventures!

2018 has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, we’ve seen things work well and others that have not, so what did you do in 2018 which was different to the year before.

Voice Search

Here at Digital Otter we believe that voice search has had a major impact within the digital marketing industry- We’ve seen and heard many individuals in their homes, out and about and even in independent businesses speak the words; “Okay, Alexa”, “Hello Google” and “Siri?” and we’ve seen the importance of adapting our marketing strategy to cover the changes in the way people use the internet on a daily basis.

So what is one of the key differences with voice search in comparison to a typed search? Well it’s simple, it’s more of a conversation. When an individual uses voice search to answer their question, they treat the search engine like a fellow human being. Let’s have a look at an example:

A voice search for a local marketing business may sound like this;

“Hello Google, where can I find a marketing business here in Cardiff ?”

Yet a typed search may be more concise;

“Cardiff marketing businesses”

So by taking a look at the differences, your business SEO strategy would need to be altered to cater for this type of search. Perhaps adding certain phrases as long tail keywords may increase your chances of being shown in the top 10 organic searches or even as a google snippet – Now that’s exciting!

Influencer Marketing

Okay so what about influencer marketing. Let’s be honest consumers will believe a real person in comparison to an advertisement saying how great a product or service is.

Social media will continue to grow, nd through this we have seen a rise in influencer marketing that customers and potential customers truly appreciate.

Yet there’s a downside, the cost. Influencer marketing can be extremely costly for your business, and deciding on the right influencer is vital for the success of the strategy to reach the right consumers.


Chatbots uses artificial intelligence technology to use instant messaging to chat in real time with customers. Chatbots have many advantages, and we’ve seen an increase in the amount of businesses adapting the strategy. Many consumers prefer chatbots as they offer clear and concise answers to their questions without losing the patience of a live chat conversation. The advantage of using chatbots to your business is that it can free up valuable time by completing the repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on the important things within your growing business.

Understanding the changes of 2018 will allow your business to improve in the year ahead. 2019 will bring us new changes and it’s vital that we are ahead of the game!

Stick with us through the coming year to learn more about the industry, how we can help you, and let’s face it to have a nose!

From the team at Digital Otter, cheers to the new year!

We’ve Rebranded Digital Otter!

After A Year Of Offering Digital Marketing Services – We’ve Rebranded Digital Otter!

Did you know Digital Otter has been offering our high quality Digital Marketing services to South Wales and the South West of England for over a year! 2017 flew by, and we believe that Digital Otter was ready to be rebranded! Take a look at the responsive website design, with additional information on the Digital Marketing services that we offer, which range from search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, tailored digital marketing strategies, website design and social media management.

Now you must be thinking, what makes Digital Otter different?

Well, we don’t just offer a service, we offer a complete experience. The complete solutions and support that your business needs when taking the next step and moving your business online! No business wants the added stress of not receiving the support that they need when trying to make their vision a reality online, and that is where we can help! We are a phone call away to receive the added information that you may need to ensure that the final outcome is perfect for your business and fit to purpose!