Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

Are You Looking For Local Search Engine Optimisation Services?

Search Engine Optimisation is not just one thing within the digital marketing sector, it is made up of many sections to build an overall effective marketing strategy for a business. SEO isn’t just about one thing, user experience, external factors and the final conversions will help any business win their target audience and allow businesses to gain effective conversions and sales that it deserves. So what is actually needed for a successful SEO strategy? Here we will detail some of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation (Don’t forget this list isn’t the only aspects that need to be executed correctly).

Firstly, do you know the industry you’re in? Whether it’s offering services, music or ecommerce, do you know who your competitors are, and how your audience interacts with them in comparison to you? Without knowing this information how do you expect to execute a viable SEO strategy? Understanding this will allow you to move forward in the right direction to understand the steps you need to include in your SEO strategy to succeed!

Ok, so you understand your audience and the industry you are in, you now need to determine which keywords you would like your website to show for. Keyword research allows any business to pinpoint the way users will search or fall upon your website. Getting the keywords wrong can negatively impact your complete SEO strategy, so it’s vital you’re on top of the ever changing user interface. Voice search has become ever more popular over the past few years, so think to yourself, how does a voice search differ to a typed search? Are you utilizing the difference in keywords within your strategy? And let’s not forget the difficulty of ranking for high searched keywords, so why don’t you think out of the box by looking for alternatives, which will give you more chance of earning a natural organic ranking in search engines without so much work in some cases!

Responsive design is more important than ever! Many users use mobile devices while out and about determine if they will purchase or use a service on offer, and without a responsive website design, many users will dismiss the site, this is also true for slow speed sites. Nobody wants to look for a certain item or service on a mobile device with the need to awkwardly zoom in looking for the answers after waiting what can feel like a lifetime for everything to load – This is where your bounce rate will rise (which is NOT good by the way!).

Let’s move onto the technical side. Crawling. This is the process when search engine spiders crawl your website, checking the build, links and friendliness of your website to search engines and users. Now if you don’t have a sitemap.xml file on a site how will search engines crawl your site effectively? Many things can affect the effectiveness of the crawling process, such as technical implementations i.e disallowing robots to crawl a site or major 404 errors!

So let’s look at content, content isn’t just about typing text and uploading it to your website, their are many factors to consider, such as keyword targeting, relevant content, on-page optimisations, meta optimisation as well as optimised images. These factors will dramatically improve the effectiveness of the content published to your website, not only for SEO purposes but for user experience too – and let’s be honest, you aren’t just trying to impress search engines, your users are the ones who will no doubt give you the conversions your business deserves.

So we’ve covered a few different parts of SEO, but yes any business can have a great strategy in plan, but it’s about taking action!

Digital Otter are proud to offer local search engine optimsation services to businesses across South Wales and the South West of England, to offer you the support and knowledge that you need to succeed! Contact us today if you have any questions, or would like to receive a FREE no obligation quote on our local search engine optimsation services today on 07815725322.