Shopping Changes During Covid-19

Shopping Changes During Covid-19

Shopping changes during Covid-19 – The effect on the economy and how businesses are adapting throughout the pandemic.

The Coronavius pandemic has had a huge impact on not only consumers but also businesses. It has had a dramatic effect on the way businesses are upping their game with their digital marketing strategy, and adapting it to the ever changing way consumers are shopping for goods and services. Many businesses have been struggling with the changes but it has never been so important to ensure businesses are visible online during these difficult times.

The past few months have meant businesses have taken huge leaps to the world of digital to claw back their business and reputation due to the lack of face to face interaction with new or existing customers. More and more businesses that would usually sell goods face to face have moved to selling products through a website or though buy/sell platforms.

Many individuals have been utilizing email to stay in touch and this has meant a growth in the amount of businesses who are utilising email marketing to stay in touch with their customers to maintain relationships while also providing information and promotions. Not only email, consumers have been proactively using the internet to do their daily shopping and gain information about what’s going on in the world. This has given businesses who have already lept on the wagon into the digital world as it has meant more exposure online.

So what can you do?

During these times a great source of seeing the success of a digital marketing campaign is to review data. Data allows businesses to see the insights of how customers shop to react and adapt accordingly to increase the productivity of the strategy.

Utilising customer engagement can help a business build the foundations of a great relationship through the personalisation of the customer journey. An example could be utilising offers or loyalty programmes for customers as well as asking for feedback. The thought of asking for feedback can be daunting as it has the potential to be negative, although feedback can help a business improve and grow!

Relevant content is also key to creating a personalised user experience based on their shopping habits. Brands can utilise impulse buying by creating tailored shopping experiences based on personal preference and interest. 

So what should you do now?

If your business has not yet leapt into the world of digital it is the time to do so due to the dramatic shopping changes during Covid-19! 

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